Lake Balaton apartman    
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If you have been swimming yourself and you were burnt in the sunshine, you could discover the closly Garden Cinema or the Salt cave theraphy. You can find also a marvelous Lake Köcsi trail, where you can learn about the specific nature hiddens. After you have mapped the site, you could take a walk to the center of Balatonalmádi and find a local market, wine-festival, or the yachting opportunities at Lake Balaton.

If you would like to dig into the night-life your can drive to Balatonfüred, where is Tagore promenade is located and thicked with culture, culinary and life. You can hear and visit some jezz bands there, or hand-fabric retails or you can taste wines also. Here is the yacht club, which is the biggest of the northern shore of Lake Balaton. But also you can find the "Sundance", which is an entertainment place with active relaxing opportunity. If you are interested in history, you would search some historical ruins such as Abbey of Tihany, or some castles, too.